EBC partnership provides vision insurance for bank staff

WBA EBC's primary focus is helping banks protect their greatest assets: their people. The many insurance products offered through the WBA Insurance Trust are an effective means of demonstrating a bank's commitment to its employees. EBC now works with many different carriers to provide a wide array of options to meet the varied insurance needs of Wisconsin's banks and their employees. For vision care benefits, EBC collaborates with both National Vision Administrators and Superior Vision. We will focus this article on the unique offerings provided by Superior Vision.

Through a partnership with Superior Vision, EBC's customers have access to affordable vision insurance, with either voluntary or bank-sponsored coverage. Superior Vision's mission is to help members enjoy the wonder of sight through healthy eyes and vision. They pride themselves on delivering broad and affordable access to vision care, unwavering Superior service, and resources to help clients and members make informed vision care choices that offer the greatest value.

Through EBC, Wisconsin bankers have access to Superior Vision's group and individual plans. Both of these types of plans offer high value and flexibility to bank employees. Through EBC and Superior Vision, bankers have access to the broadest provider network in the industry—from the local eye doctor down the road, to online eyewear providers, to 46 of the top 50 retail optical chains, including Walmart Vision Center, Costco Optical, and LensCrafters. Additional, all coverage plans include an eye exam, eyeglasses or contact lenses, and discounts, while still remaining very affordable. Plus, the rates are guaranteed for four years!

Superior Vision plans also feature flexibility. The growing network of over 60,000 providers means the doctors your staff want to see are likely already part of the network. Plus, the plans allow you to see one eye care provider for your eye exam and another for your glasses or contact lenses. In fact, the 2016 Vision Council found that while 68 percent of consumers prefer to see an independent provider for their eye exam (with only 32 percent preferring retail providers), 52 percent prefer to purchase their eyewear or contacts from a retail provider (versus 48 percent from an independent provider). 

The value is easy to see. If you are interested in offering a Superior Vision plan to your employees, please reach out to EBC's Brian Siegenthaler via email or 608-441-1211 or visit www.wisbankins.com for more information about this and other EBC products and services.