The latest Marquette University Law School poll is out! Important results about the state of the Democrat gubernatorial primary and Republican U.S. Senate primary are included. You can view the full poll here. The poll was conducted July 11-15.

There were no head-to-head polling questions for the general election. This is the last poll before the primary on August 14.

U.S. Senate

  • In the GOP primary, State Senator Leah Vukmir has overtaken Kevin Nicholson for the first time. Vukmir now leads 34%-32%. In June it was Nicholson 37%-32%
  • Tammy Baldwin favorability: 41% favorable, 40% unfavorable. This a net gain of 3 points since June


  • In the Dem primary, Tony Evers holds a commanding, albeit plurality, lead over the field. He is at 31% while no other candidate is above 6%
  • Scott Walker approval: 47% approve, 45% disapprove. Same +2 margin as previous poll

Issue Polling

  • President Donald Trump job approval: 42% approve, 50% disapprove. He dropped two net points from June
  • Tariffs: 24% think increased tariffs on aluminum and steel will improve economy, 55% think will make it worse
    • Harley Davidson: 37% say company is moving some jobs overseas due to tariffs, 47% say they would have done that anyway
  • Direction of State: 52% of voters say state is headed in the right direction compared to 42% wrong track
  • Roads: 59% statewide say the quality of roads and highways where they live is fair or poor, 40% say excellent or good
    • People in northern and western WI have less favorable views than Madison and Milwaukee
    • Green Bay, Wausau, Eau Claire, and La Crosse: 34% say roads are good or excellent, 66% fair or poor
    • Madison & Milwaukee: 48% say roads are excellent or good, 52% say poor or fair
  • Foxconn: 46% think the state is paying too much, 39% think it will provide at least as much value as investment.
    • 53% statewide believe Foxconn will substantially improve the economy of the Milwaukee area, 33% do not think it will
    • Will businesses where you live benefit from Foxconn? Statewide: 30% yes, 58% say no.
    • This poll was conducted after Foxconn announced a facility in Green Bay, but before they announced another facility in Eau Claire
  • Supreme Court: Would you support a qualified US Supreme Court nominee whose views you disagreed with? 55% yes, 29% no
    • To help illustrate that people are resorting to tribal politics: in 2016, 72% of Democrats and 38% of Republicans in WI said they would support a qualified nominee despite differences. In this poll, 44% of Democrats and 66% of GOP say they would support such a nominee
    • SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh: 27% favorable, 22% unfavorable, 50% no opinion
  • Abortion: 27% say abortion should be legal in all cases, 36% legal in most cases, 18% illegal in most cases, 11% illegal in all cases
    • This is the first time they have polled this question since 2014 and are unchanged since 2012
  • Trump’s handling of immigration policy: 40% approve, 53% disapprove
  • Voter Enthusiasm: 58% overall say they are very enthusiastic about voting this year. Republicans: 62%, Democrats 69%, and Independents 51%. That’s a net gain of +3 for the Democrats since June