Now that the Primary Election is over here in Wisconsin, we all know who will be on the final ballot in November. Many of us, understandably, held out on donating before the primary out of fear we might give money to a losing candidate. The field is set and campaigns will be using lists from all over the place to ask for contributions.

You may be asked because you know the candidate or, because you’ve donated through the conduit before, some campaign already has your information. You will likely get solicited at home through mailings and email.

If you do, please donate your money through the Alliance of Bankers for Wisconsin political conduit!

The Alliance of Bankers Conduit Fund is the registered conduit of the Wisconsin Bankers Association. It allows an individual banker like you to direct contributions to the candidate(s) of your choosing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open an Alliance of Bankers Conduit “account” by sending a contribution to WBA today.
  2. With permission from you, WBA forwards all or a portion of that contribution to pro-banking candidates along with a cover letter listing your name and your bank.

If you get a solicitation and want to donate, you can contact WBA and we will send a check either to you to hand-deliver to a fundraiser or directly to the campaign itself.

By donating through the conduit, you get the individual recognition as well as giving WBA and the industry as a whole that campaign support.

Have any questions? Contact Jon Turke at 608-441-1215 or