The state’s newest museum allows visitors to simulate driving a combine at harvest time, lift a faux block of cheese, learn how yogurt is made and discover more about mink, fish, poultry and bison farms in Wisconsin.

There is an interactive exhibit that uses kinetic sand, lights and a computer program to simulate what happens when land and water are altered. Other displays showcase farmers markets, soil, honey, automatic milking machines, robotic feed pushers and drones that can spot weeds.

But when it comes to learning about the birth of a calf, the $13 million Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, which opened last month in Manitowoc County, skips the simulators and props.

Instead, the 29,000-square-foot museum has opted for the real deal.

The whole idea is to give a population that increasingly is removed from the day-to-day workings of a farm an immersive experience on how food goes from farm to table and to showcase the state’s diverse and evolving agricultural industry.

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