Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned that Democrats could win back control of the House and pick up more seats than they need to hold the majority in the upcoming midterm elections.

“There’s a real likelihood that they not only win the House, but they win it by 10 or 12 more seats than they need,” Graham told The New York Times on Wednesday.

Graham said that while he was unsure if Democrats would win back the House — “in the era of Trump, things can change in 24 hours, for good or bad” — all Republicans in competitive districts should prepare for a difficult general election in November.

Graham made the comments one day after Republicans faced a tough special election in Ohio's 12th Congressional District for a long GOP-held seat.

The seat, which President Trump won by 11 points in 2016, was too close to call, alarming Republicans and giving a boost to Democrats as they seek to take back control of Congress in the midterms.

Democrats need to flip 23 seats in November’s elections to win back control of the House.

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