We invite you to choose from two different WBA members-only, community bank-focused Human Resources Business Forums that offers timely and practical information on current human resources trends and best practices! 

Here’s how you choose:
Foundational HR Business Forum
Are you newer to the Human Resources function or simply looking to increase your knowledge and experience about employment law and best practices? The Foundational HR Business Forum may be a better choice for you.
Senior HR Business Forum
Are you a seasoned HR professional and looking for a networking experience beyond the basics? The Senior HR Business Forum may be a better choice for you. 
The first meeting for either forum is September 11. Meetings are held monthly generally from September through May and are 3.5 hours in length at the WBA offices in Madison.
Value-priced at $1,295 for 31.5 hours of targeted, practical HR education
To learn more about the benefits of participating and the targeted curriculum and to register, choose one of the following links! Space will be limited, so register now to ensure your ability to participate!
Foundational HR Business Forum
Senior HR Business Forum
Julia Johnson at 920.662.2876 or by email for program information, or Patty Rogers at 608.441.1209 or by email for registration information.
Wipfli’s Human Resources Business Forums have been assisting human resources professionals in developing their skills and building networks since 1995!