Grocery chain Kroger plans to stop accepting Visa credit cards later this month at about two dozen stores in California – and perhaps even more locations. The ban stems from a beef over high fees, and that could force customers to use cash or competing cards.

But the action could be far-reaching. Kroger said it is considering expanding the ban to more of its stores if it doesn't reach a deal with Visa on fees at Foods Co. stores, the company's chief information officer Chris Hjelm said.

Kroger is the market share leader in Milwaukee and Wisconsin with its Pick 'n Save, Metro Market and Copps banners (Kroger's Roundy's division). Visa cards are still accepted at the chain's stores in Wisconsin, James Hyland, Roundy's spokesman, said.

“As we redefine the grocery customer experience, we are always looking for partnerships that create customer value. At this time, all Roundy’s Wisconsin stores continue to accept Visa Credit.”

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