Few would question the generosity of a man who promised to pick up the cost of a two-year degree for an entire high school class.

There should be no doubts now, after businessman Dennis Frandsen extended the same offer to each and every student of the 2019 graduating class in Luck, Wisconsin.

The Luck Public Schools confirmed for KARE 11 that Frandsen—a self-made success who now has 35 branches of Frandsen Bank and Trust in communities across Minnesota and Wisconsin—offered to pay for two years of technical college for all of Luck's 34 prospective graduates this year. A planning meeting to explain to parents how the program will work will be held in October.

Last year Frandsen made the news after he made the same offer to the 59-member graduating class at Rush City High School. “I thought it was the right thing to do,” Frandsen said, “I was able to do it and why shouldn't I?” In fact, Frandsen decided he would make the same two-year scholarship offer to Rush City's class of 2019 as well.

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