On quiet Saturday mornings, Mark Mohr, president and chief executive of First Bank Financial Centre, likes to sit at his desk at home with colored pen in hand, thinking about what to draw — a big-bearded wizard swinging his wand, a grinning snowman holding a cold drink, or a stout elk in a suit and tie.

These creations appear on the envelopes of work anniversary cards for the bank’s 338 employees. Each illustration is unique and reflects the employee’s personality and interests.

“I wanted to do something memorable, something that the employee knew wasn't just routine,” Mohr said. “I could have given them an anniversary card with a message in it. That's great, but I thought, ‘How do I make this different? How do I make sure employees know how much I appreciate what they do?' "

Mohr, an amateur artist without formal training, came up with the idea of personalized drawings during his first year at the bank 11 years ago. Initially, the sketches took him half an hour at most to complete, but now he can create more detailed ones in about 15 minutes.

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