Wisconsin banks will receive letters soon from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (FHLBC) containing ballots for the 2018 Election of FHLBC Member Directors.

Like last year, there is once again an open seat as the current Wisconsin Director, William Sennholz, is retiring from the Board, having served the maximum number of terms for which he is eligible. 

Given the widespread interest of many bankers in serving on the FHLBC Board, WBA is working with the candidates to create a platform page on its website where the individuals appearing on the ballot will be given space to post a photo along with a statement on their background and interest in the position. 

FHBLC is encouraging members to vote in the Independent Director Election even though there is only one candidate for the available directorship. By regulation, the candidate must receive at least 20 percent of the eligible votes, or the independent director election will need to be repeated.  

They also ask that you keep in mind:

  • Members must vote using the original green ballot they have been sent. Copies cannot be accepted. If the original ballot is lost, please contact FHLBC and they will send out replacement ballots immediately.
  • In this year’s Wisconsin member director election, members may vote for ONE candidate listed on the ballot to fill the one directorship that is available.
  • The original green certification form must be completed and signed by an officer or director of the member and returned with the ballot.  
  • The ballot and certification form must be mailed or sent via FedEx or UPS. FHLBC cannot accept faxes or emails.  
  • The ballot and certification form must be received in the bank by the close of business on Nov. 6, 2018.
  • Each member must have a resolution of its Board or governing body on file authorizing officers or directors to vote the members’ ballot, but it is not necessary that a copy of the resolution be sent with the ballots and certification form. It simply needs to be available in case of an audit.
  • Any questions about this process should be directed to Sue Krzus at the FHLBC. Sue can be reached at 312-565-5374 or skrzus@fhlbc.com.