Robin Hegg is always looking for new ways to amp up employee engagement at River Valley Bank in Wausau, Wis.

At one point, the $1.3 billion-asset River Valley had two separate groups that focused on different aspects of the bank's culture. The Incredi-League was responsible for party planning, while the New Employee Ambassadors welcomed new hires.

But Hegg, the bank's chief human resources director, thought all of this activity could get taken to the next level.

"We wanted to make sure that the employee advocacy group was tied to providing a culture in which employees voices can be heard as to what they want in their work environment, as well as being an employer of choice," Hegg said.

That led to the founding of the ICEBreakers last summer. The name is a play on a concept central to the bank's core values, "incredible customer experiences," which is known by the acronym ICE internally. The group's mission is to support outstanding service and foster a positive workplace culture for employees.

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