A new report from the Tax Foundation ranks Wisconsin 32nd in the nation for state business tax climate, an improvement of three spots from last year but also a return to the state’s ranking in 2016.

Jared Walczak, the report’s lead author, said Wisconsin’s improvement was primarily the result of changes by other states. He added that over the last five to ten years the state has seen a reduced reliance on property taxes and “a modest improvement” in its ranking.

The report from the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit seeks to measure how effectively a state raises revenue using 100 different variables. It evaluates a state’s taxation in five major areas based on each area’s variability compared to the national average. The index gives a 30.1 percent weight to individual income tax, 25.3 percent to sales tax, 19.5 percent to corporate tax, 15.4 percent to property tax and 9.8 percent to unemployment insurance tax.

Wisconsin performed best on the sales tax portion of the index, ranking 8th in the country.

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