Waukesha North High School received a $15,000 gift from Waukesha State Bank to be used for their new football stadium scoreboard. 

The new scoreboard features upgraded LED and wireless technology and is able to facilitate all of the outdoor competitions held in the stadium. The scoreboard was selected for its durable construction, functional features and aesthetic compliment to the recently updated turf and track surfaces.

“Waukesha State Bank has been a valued community partner for many years,” stated Brian Schlei, athletics and activities director of Waukesha North High School. “We are grateful for their very generous gift and for their continued commitment to Waukesha North High School and to the Greater Waukesha community. This donation will be a significant addition to Waukesha North’s athletics program by allowing us to provide a better experience for our student athletes and fans.”

“Investing in Waukesha and the other local communities we serve is our mission,” said Ty Taylor, president and CEO of Waukesha State Bank. “We are a proud supporter of Waukesha North High School athletics and this sponsorship demonstrates our commitment to education and our local students.”

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