Information Technology has become a great source of potential vulnerability for financial institutions. Any compromise in the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of customer information can result not only in a loss of reputation and integrity, but in substantial legal and financial exposure as well.

FIPCO’s IT Audit & Security Services staff work with you to identify improvements in the risk management of your computing environment before concerns and deficiencies are identified by examiners – or worse, vulnerabilities are exploited causing losses from unauthorized access.

Our proactive approach to risk management offers your financial institution professional advice in the areas of:

  • Cybersecurity Framework awareness training and consulting
  • Information/Cyber Security Program and supporting policy development
  • IT Risk Assessments
  • Information Security Program, Policy and Procedure Auditing
  • Human Firewall Testing (USB/mobile media, email or phone social engineering)
  • Internal and external technical vulnerability/penetration assessments
  • Risk-Focused Strategic Security and Audit Consulting
  • Facilitated Tabletop Exercise for Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery and Actionable Remediation 

Just as you’d expect from a WBA-owned company, compliance is our paramount priority. Our services meet both examiner expectations and industry regulations and are customized to your unique situation. We combine our experience and expertise with industry best practices to deliver actionable results that you can be confident in.

Contact FIPCO’s Ken Shaurette, Director – IT Services at 800/722-3498 ext. 251 or via email to get started or check out our website, to learn more. 

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