As Gov. Scott Walker struggles to win a third term, he’s facing cracks in his Republican coalition that weren’t there four years ago, an analysis of Wisconsin polling shows.

Walker's support is as strong as ever from the “base” — conservative and partisan Republicans.

But it has declined among the party’s more moderate and independent voters.  

Walker’s support is especially soft with one small but key group of GOP voters – Republicans who have real qualms about President Donald Trump. Compared to other Republicans, these voters are backing GOP candidates by smaller margins this fall, said Marquette Law School pollster Charles Franklin.

They’re also less enthusiastic about turning out in November, said Franklin, who did a detailed analysis of the GOP vote for this story based on his statewide polling in August and September.  

Franklin looked at GOP voters in Wisconsin broadly defined – a group that includes registered voters who identify as Republicans, as well as independents who lean toward the GOP. Together, these Republican partisans and “leaners” represent about 45 percent of the state’s electorate.

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