Fresh research from New Citizens Bank shows that 66 percent of Americans surveyed say that the loans they have from going to college hinder ”them from saving as much as they’d like.”

When it comes to that they would tell younger versions of themselves about paying for school if they could repeat the process, the most popular response was to “prioritize paying off student loans as soon as possible” at 43 percent. 

But in a similar vein, the concept of debt seems to be on many Americans’ minds when they take to the internet. Recently updated information from Student Loan Hero shows the money topics that people Google the most in each state, the District of Columbia, and different cities.

According to the research, the most popular money matters searched on Google were debt-related in Arizona, Indiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Wyoming.

While the write-up also features the most popular money topic in different cities, here are the most popular ones in each state. 

Read more from Swirled to see each state's most-Googled money topic (spoiler alert: Wisconsin's is "Credit Union").