What started as a single senior official at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau voicing concerns about blog posts written 14 years ago by a top agency political appointee is rapidly becoming a rising chorus of discontent.

Kirsten Donoghue, the CFPB’s assistant director of enforcement, became the second senior leader at the agency to question the fitness of Eric Blankenstein, her boss as policy director of supervision, enforcement and fair lending, after his past writings were uncovered that used a racial slur for African Americans and suggested most hate crimes were “hoaxes.”

“The language used, and sentiments expressed, are completely unacceptable and call into question Eric’s ability to lead the fair lending program specifically, and the division generally,” Donoghue wrote in an email to staff late Friday, which was obtained by American Banker.

She joins another official who reports to Blankenstein — Patrice Ficklin, the CFPB’s assistant director of fair lending and equal opportunity — who earlier on Friday withdrew her previous support for him.

Importantly, however, Donoghue said her feelings were shared by the entire enforcement division of roughly 100 attorneys, suggesting a revolt against the top Trump administration official in charge of enforcing anti-discrimination laws in all consumer lending transactions.

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