Royall School District has been busy at work to update the indoor athletic facilities at the High School gymnasium. In recent years, the school has raised funds and sought volunteers to help update the speaker system, install new handmade banners, paint the facility, add new lighting, replace the bleachers and, most recently, install a new floor. 

“This project is a multi-step process that’s been ongoing,” said Superintendent of Schools, Mark Gruen. “It’s not something that’s typically placed in school budgets so we’ve been relying on fund raisers and outside resources to help make our vision a reality.” 

Scott Uppena, Principal at Royall High School shared that the last piece of the update was to replace the 30-year-old scoreboards in the facility. “Scoreboards are typically a larger expense item that we figured would require quite a bit of resources to raise funds for,” added Uppena. “We’re thankful to Royal Bank for the full donation. It allows us to be more flexible in other areas and allocate resources for other projects.”

As a member of the Elroy community, this is a project that Royal Bank feels connected to. “Our tagline is Your Community Partner and we truly believe that it’s not only our desire, but it’s our mission to support and invest in the communities we serve,” said Dan Ravenscroft, President and CEO of Royal Bank. “The school has been a great partner to us over the years and this project is one way for us to show our support.”

Representatives from Royal Bank recently presented a check to the Royall girl’s volleyball teams at their first home game on Thursday, September 14. This marked the first time the scoreboards were in use at the school.

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