The recent stretch of the White House and both chambers of Congress exclusively being in the corner of alleviating post-crisis rules is over.

The Democrats’ takeover of the House Tuesday will bring a sea change in the chamber’s rhetoric toward financial services issues. What has been a focus on easing rules, tax cuts and expanding access to credit will likely be replaced by more attention on the industry’s mistakes and efforts to protect consumers.

Even if Democrats will be hamstrung in their ability to tighten rules for financial institutions, the new House leadership will likely be able to block any further deregulatory initiatives and intensify criticism in oversight hearings of both the big banks and federal agencies attempting to draft administrative reforms.

“You’ll see more of a shift or focus on Republican-appointed regulators,” said Paul Merski, executive vice president for congressional relations and strategy at the Independent Community Bankers of America.

With the Democrats projected to pick up at least the 23 seats necessary to cement control of the lower chamber, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif. — a vocal Trump administration critic — is the probable next chair of the House Financial Services Committee starting in January.

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