The Forward Bank $5,000 Half Court Shot finds success in Abbotsford!

All attendees of the Abbotsford versus Pittsville basketball game on Thursday, Dec. 6 were given a free ticket by the Forward Bank team on their way into the game. At half-time, a ticket was drawn at random and Adam Seefluth was given two attempts to make the shot from half court, but he would only need one.

The crowd cheered as Seefluth effortlessly threw up his first shot and the ball “swished” through the net! He will be receiving a check from Forward Bank for $2,500 and the Abbotsford Athletic program will receive a check for $2,500 as well. One shot makes two winners in Abbotsford!

“These types of events encourage our communities to come out and support our student-athletes,” commented Gary Schraufnagel, VP/Ag Lender in Colby “It is also a unique way for us to connect with our communities while giving back in a fun and exciting way!”

Half court shots are occurring at high school basketball games in each of the communities Forward Bank serves. Upcoming shots include Columbus on Dec. 18, Medford on Jan. 4, Owen-Withee on Jan. 10, Stanley-Boyd on Jan. 18, Marshfield on Jan. 22, and Greenwood on Feb. 5. Shots in Thorp and Colby have already occurred. 

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