The financial industry continues to battle evolving threats to the security of its organizations and customers. At FIPCO, we recognize that improving cybersecurity is more than simply meeting examiner requirements—it includes finding the right partners to face these challenges together. 

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce our partnership with an organization called NINJIO to offer their security awareness training NINJIO AWARE. As a natural complement to our IT Audit & Security Services, NINJIO AWARE offers informative and entertaining online security awareness training through 3-4 minute animated videos. With Hollywood-style writing and over 200 hours spent on creating each episode, NINJIO AWARE tells stories that are inspired by real-life companies that have suffered a significant security breach. 

NINJIO founder Zack Schuler focused on the element of human vulnerability when creating this solution. He took a blank canvas and asked, “If I wanted to be educated on security threats, what format would lead to the greatest engagement, and therefore the greatest results?” The formula he developed captures the emotional attention of the viewer in the first scene, and keeps them engaged until the end. 

NINJIO AWARE produces fresh content every 30 days, based on a current and real security threat. They are the only solution that bases their content on real organizations that have actually been breached. This significant “non-fiction” component brings the audience closer to the story by eliminating the thought that “This could never happen to my organization.” 

The ultimate goal behind each episode is to teach and reinforce best practices to ultimately lead you and your organization to a higher level of awareness and security. The engaging episodes will benefit viewers at work and at home, as the lessons apply to both professional and personal situations. To see the latest NINJIO AWARE episode, or to receive further information, contact Ken Shaurette, FIPCO Director – InfoSecurity & Audit at 800-722-3498 ext. 251.