Is professional development part of your plan for 2019? WBA Education can help you grow in your current role or, perhaps, prepare for a future role within your bank in 2019!

Over 330 bankers took part in WBA Schools during the 2018 calendar year, attending one or more of our 13 schools and boot camps. Let WBA Education help you develop your career in 2019!

What makes a school or boot camp different? Each school is focused on a particular area of banking, allowing for a deep dive into that focused area over the course of two to six days. In addition to classroom instruction from industry experts, attendees take time to work with other bankers on case studies and interactive learning assignments. Bankers attending a school will take part in some measurement of learning, whether through a final exam or case study presentation, and earn a diploma for successfully completing the school. Boot camp attendees will earn a certificate of attendance following the program.

Here's what's on the agenda for 2019:

  • Commercial Lending School - February 18-22 - Wisconsin Dells
    Our most advanced commercial lending and credit school, this school builds on the knowledge of experienced lenders and credit analysts to take their skills to the next level
  • Residential Mortgage Lending School - February 18-22 - Wisconsin Dells
    Have new mortgage lenders or loan processors? This is our most in-depth school, developed for staff with less than 2 years of lending and/or processing experience. From understanding various types of loans, to taking the application, to underwriting the loan, all the way to closing—this school sets a strong foundation for your mortgage lending team.
  • Loan Compliance School - March 11-15 - Wisconsin Dells
    This school was designed to provide attendees with a fundamental overview of the various lending regulations affecting their institution, updates in current trends in compliance and the guidelines to use in interpreting federal and Wisconsin state laws, regulations and official commentary. This school includes all of the elements of the Real Estate Compliance School, in addition to non-real estate specific lending rules.
  • Real Estate Compliance School - March 13-15 - Wisconsin Dells
    This school covers regulations and rules specific to real estate loans, including Wisconsin specific laws.
  • NEW PROGRAM! Credit Analysis Boot Camp - March 14-15 - Madison; March 28-29 - Green Bay
    The Credit Analysis Boot Camp will address key concepts and topics valuable for both veteran and newbie credit analysts, covering the basics while also making connections between concepts from other roles within the bank.
  • NEW PROGRAM! Business Banking Boot Camp - April 30-May 1 - De Pere; May 2-3 - Madison
    The objective of this two-day program is to help grow business by providing business bankers with effective sales skills to help them become more productive for their banks. This program will model a step-by-step approach from initiation to the execution of the business process and provide a structured sales environment.
  • School of Bank Management - May 5-10 - Madison
    In today's ever-changing, turbulent banking environment, it is important for bankers—especially those who have the potential to rise within the institution—to have a clear understanding of the bank as a whole. This is our highest-level school, often used to help bankers prepare for the Graduate School of Banking, exposing community bankers to all areas of operation within the bank and understanding your bank as a business.
  • Lending Boot Camp* - May 14-16 - Wisconsin Dells
    This program was developed to help bankers build the foundation and skills necessary to become a successful consumer and/or mortgage lender. Students will learn the process of basic lending and then put it into practice through various exercises and case studies. A two-day registration option is available for non-mortgage lenders.
  • Compliance Management School* - May 14-16 - Wisconsin Dells
    This program is designed to provide bankers with the necessary tools to develop, implement and manage a compliance program. It is geared toward bankers who have been asked to expand their role in compliance management and enhance the bank’s compliance program.
  • Agricultural Lending School* - July 31-August 2 - Wausau/Rothschild
    This school is designed to provide bankers with the practical aspects of agricultural credit and finance, farm management, the lending process and more through class discussion, classroom discussion, case study group work, and a farm visit. An optional pre-school workshop is available for those needing a refresher or foundational knowledge on agricultural financial statements.
  • Introduction to Commercial Lending* - September 18-20 - De Pere
    This school's curriculum is designed to provide bankers with a basic understanding of the principles and concepts of commercial lending and financial statement analysis.
  • Supervisor Boot Camp* - September 24-25 - Wisconsin Dells
    As a supervisor, you must have the attitude, aptitude, skill set, confidence, persistence, and commitment to excel in this multi-tasking, challenging role. This program will help you build essential traits such as leadership, professional maturity, and emotional IQ.
  • Deposit Compliance School* - September 30-October 1 - Wisconsin Dells
    This school is designed to give you a strong foundation of the various deposit regulations affecting your bank, the current trends in compliance and the resources you need following the school. Bank retail and branch will benefit from this school, in addition to compliance and audit staff.
  • Personal Banker School* - October 8-9 - Wisconsin Dells
    This school has been designed to get your personal bankers up to speed quickly by providing them with the techniques and knowledge they need to provide your customers with exceptional product knowledge and customer service while understanding deposit regulations and account titling and documentation requirements.
  • Auditing Real Estate Loans Boot Camp* - November 5-7 - Wisconsin Dells
    Internal audit and mortgage loans continue to be hot topics in banking, and this program was added in 2018 to meet that training need! Attendees will learn how to prepare for the audit and then go through specific regulations and their corresponding audit needs.

Questions regarding any of the schools or boot camps can be directed to WBA's Lori Kalscheuer via email or at 608-441-1250.

*Registration for schools and boot camps in summer through fall of 2019 will be opened for registration approximately 4-6 months prior to the start date.