To help promote efficiency and precision, we offer two interfaces that can transfer loan data from Compliance Concierge™ Loans and/or Mortgage directly to HMDA and/or CRA reporting solutions. As powerful tools for maximizing precision, interfaces work behind-the-scenes to provide direct and timely access to correct information, while streamlining productivity and reducing the potential for compliance errors. With HMDA/CRA reporting just around the corner, now’s the time to take a closer look at FIPCO’s integration options from Compliance Concierge™ to QuestSoft's Compliance Relief and HMDA and/or CRA Wiz. Both interface products provide similar functionality such as:

  • Automated geocoding to obtain Census Tract IDs and MSA codes for each loan record
  • Rate spread calculation
  • Agency reporting compliance validation
  • Assessment area determination
  • Creation of HMDA and/or CRA submittals and LAR files for secure submission
  • Loan portfolio analysis and reporting

For further information or to schedule a free demonstration, contact FIPCO Sales via email.