The credit union issue has been stirred in Janesville. What began as an article in the Janesville Gazette regarding the local expansion of Blackhawk Community Credit Union (they are building a new $30 million facility), has now brought the differences and similarities between banks and credit unions to the forefront. Local bankers have written letters to the editor with the Wisconsin Credit Union League weighing in right behind them. 

WBA has contacted the Janesville Gazette as well, but we’ve decided to take this one (or two) steps further. 

WBA created a Credit Union Action Kit for those members who want to address the credit union issue in their own community. Sample letters to the editor, credit union fact sheets, and the Wisconsin Credit Unions: The Real Story video are available for your use. 

Members can access these free resources by visiting

We encourage anyone using the Action Kit to share your feedback with WBA. We want to know what was the most useful components and how you were best able to leverage them in your part of the state. Simply contact WBA’s Eric Skrum via email with this information or with any questions you might have regarding WBA’s efforts.