CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger announced that she has halted plans to rebrand the bureau as the “Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.” Earlier this year, then-Acting Director Mick Mulvaney announced plans to rebrand the CFPB to its name as identified in the text of the Dodd-Frank Act and to use the acronym “BCFP.” But while the bureau began using the new name on certain documents, its website and other collateral were never updated.

In an email to CFPB employees, Kraninger said that statutorily required reports and legal filings would continue to use the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection name but that the CFPB branding would be used for all other materials. “In other words, we have a legal name but will be using our colloquial name and the branded acronym,” she said. “I believe this decision is most efficient and effective for our continued work together.”