It’s easy to understand the benefits a highly engaged employee can bring to a bank:  increased profitability, productivity, and customer loyalty.  However, did you know that 70% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged and 74% are willing to take a call from a recruiter? These can be startling statistics when you begin to think about the affects a disengaged employee can have on your organization including higher turnover, increased absenteeism, lower profitability and more. How engaged are your employees and how can you increase retention of your talent?
That’s where QTI Engage, The QTI Group’s employee engagement platform, can help. QTI Engage combines a proprietary survey, based on real-world application, with an online and mobile platform.  It provides management insights and a neutral, confidential, third-party survey administrator with an effective and easy-to-use survey experience. These key features allow for action planning that drives performance.
About QTI’s Employee Engagement Practice 
Are you ready to create feedback, accountability, action, improvement and habits that lead to hard outcomes in your engagement programs?  QTI’s mission is to help organizations maximize their potential through people.  Partnering with QTI’s Engagement and HR Consulting Services is the first step.  To learn more, contact Jake Siudzinski at 608.257.1057 or email