FDIC Ombudsman visit
Pictured (left to right): Scott Birrenkott, WBA; Kris Cleven, WBA; Daniel Marcotte, FDIC; Rose Oswald Poels, WBA; and Daryll Lund, WBA.

WBA recently met with FDIC’s Regional Ombudsman, Daniel Marcotte, to discuss issues relevant to WBA members. Topics discussed included FDIC exam expectations for BSA matters such as the Customer Due Diligence Rule and banking the industrial hemp industry. The discussion focused on the need by WBA members for FDIC guidance on rules promulgated by FinCEN and the ever-evolving landscape of the industrial hemp industry. The meeting also involved a general discussion encouraging open communication between FDIC, WBA member institutions, and examiners. As a reminder, bankers who have concerns or questions about the FDIC or a recent exam are encouraged to speak with the Ombudsman’s office. Daniel can be reached at 312-382-6908 or via email.