Like it or not, the Marquette University Law School Poll has begun asking questions about the 2020 Presidential Election. In addition to those questions, MU Law also asked about voters opinions on different issues as well as on the job they think Governor Tony Evers is doing so far in his first month in office. The poll was conducted from Jan. 16-20.

Some of the key findings:

  • Which do you prefer, increasing spending on K-12 public schools or reducing property taxes? Overall, 55% say schools, 39% property taxes.
  • 52% prefer to keep gas taxes and fees where they are, while 42% favor increasing gas taxes and fees.
  • Increasing the minimum wage: 55% support, 39% oppose. Among Republicans, 32% favor, 74% oppose. Among Democrats, 82% favor, 9% oppose.
  • 59% say that marijuana should be legalized in Wis., while 35% oppose that. In a Sept. 2014 poll, 46% favored legalization, 51% opposed.
  • 44% of Wis. voters favor building a wall along the Mexican border, 51% oppose a wall. In our March 2017 poll, 37% favored wall, 59% opposed.
  • Partial shutdown of the federal government: 29% support shutdown over funding of the wall, 66% oppose that.
  • 27% say they would definitely vote to reelect Trump in 2020, 12% say they probably would, 8% probably vote for someone else, 49% would definitely vote for someone else.
  • Evers’ job rating as governor: 39% approve, 22% disapprove, 38% no opinion.
  • Approval rating of the Wisconsin Legislature as a whole: 52% approve, 31% disapprove, 16% no opinion.

View the full results here