While we will continue to see a lot of consolidation among smaller startups in the area of financial technology, or fintech, there are also some much bigger combinations at play to help tap into economies of scale against current and future competition. Today, Fiserv announced that it would acquire First Data—respectively giants in financial services and e-commerce payments—in a deal worth $22 billion.

It is a merger, but Fiserv will be getting the upper hand in the deal: its CEO Jeffery Yabuki will become CEO of the combined entity, while First Data’s CEO Frank Bisignano will become president and COO.

The merger underscores the general trend of consolidating different parts of the financial services ecosystem, providing a one-stop-shop to clients, and building more integrated services overall.

Traditional banks and the services that they provide to users—from savings accounts to credit and loan services to remittance and money transfer services and payments—have been disrupted in the last 10-15 years with the emergence of a host of startups that are taking them on with faster, more agile solutions based on cloud architectures, apps, catchy marketing, AI and machine learning to improve responsiveness and overall user experience, as well as undercut some of the rates that banks provide.

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