State Bank Financial capped off 2018 with numerous activities celebrating their 160th anniversary. State Bank Financial is Wisconsin’s second oldest bank and used the 160th anniversary in 2018 as an opportunity to celebrate with a Community Donation campaign, a re-dedication ribbon cutting at their La Crosse, Wis. headquarters, and a community celebration picnic at their Sparta, Wis. location. 

“By far the most fun was the Community Donation campaign,” said Timothy Kotnour, President and CEO. State Bank Financial associates were given $160 to donate to a charity of their choice in each market State Bank Financial operates in. “Response was tremendous,” said Kotnour. “We wanted our celebration to be beneficial to the community and we are proud to be able to do this.”

Associates had donations of $160 made in their name and each associate was given the freedom to donate to the charities they are passionate about. “We had everything from DARE to Bikers Against Child Abuse,” said Kotnour. “It is really great to see such diversity and to know in the communities we serve that every cause matters.”

State Bank Financial has a long history of serving Western and Central Wisconsin as well as Southeastern Minnesota and has been operating since 1858.  

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