In what sounds like the plot from a bank heist movie, the FBI is on the case of a tunnel that leads to a bank.

On Wednesday, agents swarmed the area to investigate what seems to be an attempt to reach a Chase branch by burrowing underground.

This all unfolded in the middle of South Florida suburbia on a busy weekday, along one of West Broward’s most-traveled intersections.

The clues to what lay underneath started to surface the night before. Someone reported seeing a pothole. The first call went to the Pembroke Pines Public Works Department.

What the crew saw was no ordinary pothole.

An orange extension cord was peeking through — the simple kind you might pick up at a grocery or hardware store. That didn’t look right to the work crew.

That’s when they called the cops.

The city’s police department also thought the hole looked suspicious. So they called in the feds.

What police and the FBI found at the hole — its entrance covered by a wooden pallet in the wooded area just south of the bank — was “unique,” said Miami FBI spokesman Michael Leverock.

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