David Werner profileFirst, I want to thank everyone who attended or helped plan last month's Bank Executives Conference. I think it was one of the best we've had! Thank you to the planning committee and everyone who volunteered their time and expertise to make it such an informative, engaging event. With what we learned, I am confident in our industry's ability to evolve and adapt to meet any future challenge.

One way we will continue to do so is through our continued involvement with the Association. In addition to its many valuable products and services—too numerous to list in this column—the WBA is the most effective way for bankers to combine our voices in the battle to be heard amid all of the noise today. Our customers are bombarded with over 10,000 marketing messages every day, as Bank Executives speaker Steve Battista explained. How do we stand out in our communities and tell our story?

WBA's Power of Community Week campaign is an excellent opportunity. During the week of April 22-26, the campaign will bring together WBA member banks and associate member companies to celebrate our industry's commitment to the communities we serve. During the week-long campaign, participants are encouraged to engage in one or more community service activities. 

I know that Wisconsin's banks are involved in community service projects year-round, and many times we don't think it's important to make a "big deal" about how we give back. But, through the Power of Community Week campaign, we pool our efforts to show the tremendous collective impact we have all across the state. I encourage every WBA member to participate in the Power of Community Week campaign next month. Visit www.wisbank.com/BanksPowerWI to learn more about how to get involved.  

April is also Wisconsin Financial Literacy Month, and National Teach Children to Save Day is April 12. Financial literacy efforts are a great way to participate in the Power of Community campaign, and the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation has an excellent resource to help: the Reading Raises Interest Kits. You can learn more about the kits and download the materials for free at www.wisbank.com/ReadingRaisesInterestKits

However you choose to participate, I hope you'll join me next month in demonstrating the power of Wisconsin's banks to lift up our communities. 

Werner is president & CEO of Park Bank, Milwaukee and WBA Chair.