Time is valuable. Not only is it your scarcest resource, it’s your customers’ too. Wouldn't they appreciate it if you could save them hours—or even days!—when completing transactions with your institution? Providing the highest level of customer service is vital in recruiting and retaining valued customers, and it's possible with FIPCO's eSignature powered by DocuSign. This innovative solution offers the convenience and security of electronic signature capabilities for your customers, with the reliability and compliance you demand.

The financial industry is continually faced with rapid changes in compliance and technology. Trying to keep up while using outdated paper processes might leave you behind the competition. To help you address these challenges, FIPCO has partnered with DocuSign, the world’s largest and fastest-growing electronic signature platform. Providing you with a means for completing transactions quickly and securely, DocuSign can help to improve compliance and streamline your internal processes while improving customer experience.

A key benefit to FIPCO's eSignature powered by DocuSign is that it integrates directly with Compliance Concierge™ Loan, Mortgage, and Deposit, allowing you to securely send documents to your customers for signatures at account opening, and application and closing stages of the loan workflow. And FIPCO's done the work of placing the signatures where they need to go—saving you at least 20 minutes of your time per loan package! Approvals and agreements can be completed anywhere and on any device, so the process no longer takes days to complete. With the powerful tracking tools, your institution can confidently meet compliance requirements through the controlled signing process, full audit trail, easy signer verification, and secure information.

The process is easy. After retrieving and reviewing transaction data, simply select the “DocuSign List” option and select the documents that you’d like to prepare for electronic signature. Signers are authenticated using either the SMS or LexisNexis verification tools, and are notified that they have been sent an envelope of documents for review and signature. After receiving a confidential code for accessing the DocuSign system, they can then provide their signature using their personal computer, iPhone, iPad, Notebook, Android, or other mobile device.

“Today’s customers are incredibly tech-savvy and appreciate it when their financial institution is too,” said FIPCO President Pam Kelly. “Giving your customers the option to remotely sign documents quickly, conveniently, and securely offers a value-added service they’re sure to appreciate. With busy career and family schedules, remote signature makes life so much easier.”

Your customers will love the convenience, and you’ll value just how easy it is to track the transaction progress. As each signer completes their portion, you’ll receive an email notification, and when all are received, a Certificate of Completion is ready for download.

The best part is, FIPCO will handle the entire implementation process for you—no need to contact DocuSign. In fact, when you subscribe directly through FIPCO, your annual subscription will include an unlimited number of electronic envelopes that contain the documents for your customer to sign.

For more information about FIPCO forms, software, or other products, visit www.fipco.com, call 800-722-3498 or email fipcosales@fipco.com.