As we're getting closing to our 2019 Power of Community Week, we have put together some information and answers on the most frequently asked questions regarding participating. Check out the Power of Community Week homepage for more information!

Why was the week of April 22-26, 2019 selected?
This campaign, powered by BOLT (Building our Leaders of Tomorrow – the emerging leaders section of WBA), was developed to give member banks the opportunity to participate in a larger, statewide effort highlighting the impact of community banking in Wisconsin. Our goal was to select one week to focus on in order to get the biggest impact out of the campaign. Several things are happening that week that will tie in well with the Power of Community Week, including:

  • April is ICBA’s National Community Banking Month
  • Monday, April 22 is Earth Day – a great opportunity for bankers to get out and clean up around town or local parks, plant trees, etc.
  • Wednesday, April 24 is Administrative Professionals Day – take time to recognize your own staff as well as the administrative workers in your town/village/city or other local groups

Teach Children to Save Day falls earlier in April this year (Friday, April 12). WBA encourages members to include financial education presentations for Teach Children to Save Day and for other groups any time during April, and then report it back to us! 

Even if your activity doesn’t take place exactly during April 22-26, as long as it is in April, we want you to report it! 

Did you know? National Volunteer Week is in April too! While the official week in 2019 is April 7-13, we still think it’s a great opportunity to recognize various volunteer workers in your community. Remember, as long as it’s in April, we want you to report it! Use #BanksPowerWI on social media to let us know what you're doing. 

Do we have to purchase the t-shirts?
No, the t-shirts are not required in order to participate. The shirts are simply another way to enhance your participation in the campaign and show your bank’s part in the collective impact of community banking in Wisconsin. The t-shirt and logo are designed in a way that you can re-use the t-shirts for other events and at other times during the year. Our plan is to offer the same t-shirts each year, so if you purchase for 2019 you can plan to reuse for future campaigns. 

We’ve also added the option to customize your t-shirt order by adding your bank’s logo on the back side of the t-shirt. Check out the t-shirt order form for more details. T-Shirt Orders are due March 1, 2019.

What can or should we do during that week?
It’s up to your bank! Your activity/involvement be as small or big as you’d like – Any activity that involves supporting and/or volunteering in the communities you serve is a great way to participate. It can be one staff member doing something, or everyone on your team! Want to find a way to get everyone involved, but not all at the same time? Look for volunteers to coordinate various efforts and then create teams to volunteer in different ways at different times. Our WBA staff did this in 2018 and we found it fun to mix up our volunteer groups to include staff from different areas who don’t typically work together – a great way to get to know other colleagues!

Does this campaign mean that we are supposed to volunteer every day during the week?
No, designating the full week gives your bank more options and flexibility to participate in a way that works for your bank and your staff.

Does our activity/involvement have to be during that week?
To get the biggest impact from this campaign, we are encouraging banks to participate during the week of April 22nd. However, if your bank already has something planned at another time in April, we’d still like to recognize your participation! Please register a contact person on the campaign homepage so they can receive additional information about the campaign and report your bank’s community involvement.

Even if your activity doesn’t take place exactly during April 22-26, as long as it is in April, we want you to report it!

How do we participate?
There's no limit on how you choose to engage with your community during the campaign, just let us know about it! Register the appropriate staff person(s) as the bank’s contact person on the campaign homepage. WBA encourages each member bank and associate member company to identify at least one staff person as the key point of contact to receive campaign updates and materials and to record your participation. Next, start brainstorming what events or activities you will participate in during the campaign!

How will WBA support banks in this campaign?
WBA has put together a campaign homepage with additional information and will continue to add resources as we get closer to the week of April 22. Future resource items will include an idea list of activities for getting involved in your community, a social media idea kit to enhance the visibility of your bank’s involvement, sample press releases to promote your participation, and more! If there’s something particular that would help your bank to plan and prepare, let us know, maybe it’s a resource that we can provide that will help other banks too!

In late March, once most banks have reported to WBA their plans for the campaign, a state map image will be added with “pin points” showing where/when/who is involved with the campaign—this will be a great visual to show community banking’s impact on the state of Wisconsin!

WBA staff will also be participating in the Power of Community Week too – follow us on twitter @wisbank to see what we're planning!

We have branches/offices outside of Wisconsin – can they participate?
Absolutely! Community banks supporting their communities is not exclusive to Wisconsin – your offices outside of our state borders are welcome to participate! Follow the instructions above on how to participate to get started.

What are we expected to do in order to participate?
The first step is identifying the main contact person(s) for your bank to be on our mailing list and receive additional resources as they become available. In early March, we will start asking for banks to report to WBA what/where/when they are planning to participate – this will help us start to build our involvement map and also create a database of everything that’s happening.

When it comes time for your activity, we encourage you to take pictures and post on social media using the hashtag #BanksPowerWI. (An additional social media idea kit resource will be available soon!) If your bank is not on social media, please plan to send any photos or videos you choose, with permission to use in WBA promotions about the campaign.

What happens after the campaign?
WBA will reach out to participating banks for information recapping their activities, asking for videos, photos, or testimonials that you’d like to share. Along with the database of reported activities, this information will be used to show the widespread collective impact of community banking in Wisconsin!

WBA will keep these resources to continue to show how #BanksPowerWI throughout the year!

Have additional questions? Contact WBA’s Lori Kalscheuer via email or at 608-441-1250.