Wisconsin Bankers Association, together with 49 other state bankers associations, have signed on to an amicus brief in support of the appeal of American Bankers Association filed against National Credit Union Administration in ABA v. NCUA. The appeal, which was filed U.S. Court Appeals for the District of Columbia, involves an NCUA final rule that would expand the authority of tax-exempt Federal credit unions to provide services in areas they select without regard to their statutory mission and unimpaired by the Community Reinvestment Act and other regulatory restrictions applicable to banks. The amicus brief focuses on the following three arguments: (1) The district court incorrectly determined exclusion of core areas from core-based statistical areas did not contravene congressional intent; (2) Exclusion from CRA, together with the final rule’s deletion of “core area” from the definition of core-based statistical area enables community credit unions to circumvent congressional intent; and (3) The final rule unreasonably expands the definition of “rural districts.” WBA will report as this develops further.