New DFI Leadership meets at WBA offices

Within days of the annual WBA Bank Executives Conference, WBA representatives met with newly appointed Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Secretary Kathy Blumenfeld, Deputy Secretary Cheryll Olson-Collins, and Assistant Deputy Secretary Catherine Haberland to discuss DFI’s priorities over the next several months. Safety and soundness, protection of consumers, elder abuse, financial literacy, and cybersecurity were just a few of the areas that topped the Secretary’s list. WBA looks forward to open and frequent communication with DFI during the Secretary’s tenure. 

Pictured (left to right): Mike Semmann, WBA; Kris Cleven, WBA; Cheryll Olson-Collins, DFI; Kathy Blumenfeld, DFI; Catherine Haberland, DFI; Rose Oswald Poels, WBA; Daryll Lund, WBA; and Jon Turke, WBA.