Kayla Thompsen profileCo-Workers are Customers, Too!

Who are your customers? Too often we limit our definition of a customer to someone who is outside of our company. In reality, a customer is anyone who relies on you for a service or anyone with whom you have dealings. Everyone who works at your organization has customers regardless of whether they work with external paying customers or internal associates. 

The external customers are the people we deal with, either face to face or over the phone, who buy products or services from us. Without them, there would NOT be sales, a business, or a paycheck. If your definition of customer stops here, you’re only seeing half of the picture.

The other half of the picture is the people who work inside your company and rely on you for the services, products, and information they need to get their jobs done. They are not traditional customers, yet they need the same respect and attention you give to your external customers. Each interaction with an internal customer is an important link in a chain of events that always ends up in front of the external customer. By expanding your definition of a customer to include your co-workers, you’re taking a vital step toward service excellence.

Excellent customer service is almost always the result of teamwork – people and departments working together in a spirit of cooperation and harmony. In the end, it’s not really a matter of how well each person, department, or process works – what really matters is how well they work TOGETHER.

Kayla Thompsen is a training officer with Citizens Bank in Big Bend and serves on the WBA BOLT Board of Directors.