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As summer approaches and the spring semester draws to a close, now is the perfect time for banks to assess and recalibrate their recruitment strategy. The job market is filled with soon-to-be graduates looking for work. How can we, as banks, market ourselves to these talented young professionals as great places to work? 

WBA's own classified ad service, the Bankers Marketplace, is one option. Featured online at www.wisbank.com/classifieds and in each issue of Wisconsin Banker, getting the word out about your openings is the first step to attracting new talent. Another way to put your job openings online is through Bank Talent HQ. Run by the Illinois Bankers Association, Bank Talent HQ is a national-scale job board and career development tool for the banking industry. You can learn more about their offerings at www.wisbank.com/classifieds, too. 

In addition to making sure your openings are available online, consider participating in high school and college career days. These events are excellent opportunities to not only introduce your bank as a quality employer in your community, but also to educate students about the many exciting careers that exist within banking. To further enhance these efforts, the WBA regularly visits college campuses around the state encouraging students to consider internships and careers in the Wisconsin banking industry. The most recent stop was UW-Platteville, where over 60 students attended the event. Each campus event features area bankers who provide their unique insight for the students, driving the success of these visits. 

Finally, one of the best ways to attract new talent—and also to keep the talent you already have at your bank—is to focus on development. After all, hiring the right person is just the first step. The best banks follow that up with ongoing training and talent development throughout their staff's careers. 

Spring is also a great time of year to consider onboarding interns at your institution. Internships are an effective way to educate students and get them interested in banking as a career well before they enter the workforce as adults. A well-structured summer internship can provide students with perspective on the wide variety of jobs in banking and the bank with commentary on their institution from the perspective of their youngest generation of customers. If you're interested in hiring interns, WBA's Bankers Marketplace allows space for free internship postings, so it won't cost you anything to spread the word about what you have available. 

Werner is president & CEO of Park Bank, Milwaukee and WBA Chair.