Improving the regulatory climate for our member institutions is one of the WBA’s top priorities! 

Working with a Coalition of State Bankers Associations across America we are asking every institution to complete a short, confidential survey regarding your experience with your last examination. This information is used to identify inconsistencies between agencies or regions within agencies in the application of laws and regulations during the exam process. 

It doesn’t matter when your last exam was, if you haven’t already filled out a Post Exam Survey, please take a minute right now or assign it to someone to complete the survey prior to May 15, 2019. 

The survey is 100% anonymous; the name of your institution is never included so any answers you provide cannot be connected to your organization. The only way to access the survey is through this link. (Only forward this link to those who will be assisting you in completing the survey.)

We are pleased to be working with our fellow state bankers associations across America to improve the regulatory climate for all banks! Together, we will make a difference!

If you have questions about the RFI, watch this quick video.