Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Secretary-Designee Brad Pfaff requested a meeting with WBA agricultural bankers to discuss the current state of Wisconsin’s ag economy and recommendations to move forward. On April 11, Pfaff told a group of bankers to seek a Wisconsin method for marketing products that would enhance the state’s unique strengths. He cited manufacturing, processing, and specialty cheese as areas that help move the state forward compared to the rest of the nation.

WBA to Pfaff: Please support the ABC Act
The bankers discussed short-term and long-term solutions such as those highlighted in the Wisconsin Dairy Task Force 2.0 and asked Governor Tony Evers to sign it if it gets to his desk. Potential solutions included the Access to Better Credit (ABC) Act that will be promoted on May 21 at the WBA Capitol Day. The ABC Act would create a tax exemption for loans under $10 million that are for small business and agricultural purposes. Other topics included free trade, the US Farm Bill, the Family Farm Center, and the potential for additional resources that would support international marketing efforts. 

DATCP Secretary-Designee meets with WBA Ag Banker Section Board
DATCP Secretary-Designee Brad Pfaff recently met with the WBA Ag Banker Section Board.