On the heels of Wisconsin’s DFI implementing a new UCC and Trademark system, some users experienced issues with filing confirmations. DFI launched their new system on April 25. The very next day, WBA contacted DFI with reports of users experiencing issues with confirmations. During WBA’s followup call on April 29, DFI shared that a processing error caused some issues early in the system’s new launch. 

DFI has contacted those users who experienced the error. A confirmation email should be received within 20 minutes for all other filings.

It should also be noted, DFI has implemented new ways for searching which resulted in a new look and functionalities within the system. After creating an account, users can search to be able to obtain information on the number of filings and whether those filings are active or lapsed. However, any additional filing information is obtainable only through a copy. Users must pay a fee of $4 for a copy, or $7 for a certified copy.

Instructions on how to use the new system aren’t available. However, DFI is working on tips and FAQs which will be made available as soon as possible. DFI recommends that users contact them with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the system via email or by calling 608-266-8915.