For the first and only time in May, both the full Senate and Assembly are on the floor to vote on a variety of bills. Most notably, the Assembly is debating a series of bills related to abortion. Overall the calendars are light on other legislation that the banking industry would focus on.

The Joint Committee on Finance is holding their second and third executive sessions this week on the budget. Like previous sessions, the committee is tackling the easy departments first and leaving the bigger decisions on taxes, education spending, and transportation fund to later in the process. Assembly Finance Co-chair John Nygren (R-Marinette) continues to claim the committee will finish their work by mid-June for the full legislature to pass the budget before the end of June. It remains to be seen if Governor Tony Evers (D) will veto the budget in whole or part.

On Tuesday, the committee reviewed the following sections:

  • Administration – General Agency Provisions
  • Administration – Facilities
  • Administration – Housing and Energy
  • Administration – Transfers
  • Elections Commission
  • State Treasurer
  • Revenue – Lottery Administration
  • Employee Trust Funds
  • Board on Aging and Long-Term Care
  • Board for People with Developmental Disabilities
  • Safety and Professional Services
  • Environmental Improvement Fund
  • Fox River Navigational System Authority
  • Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board
  • State Fair Park

Thursday they will work on, among other items, the Department of Financial Institutions:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Shared Revenue and Tax Relief – Property Tax Credits
  • Shared Revenue and Tax Relief – Property Taxation
  • Transportation – Motor Vehicles
  • Transportation – Departmentwide
  • Higher Educational Aids Board
  • Wisconsin Technical College System
  • Legislature
  • Military Affairs
  • Secretary of State
  • Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
  • Labor and Industry Review Commission
  • Workforce Development – Departmentwide
  • Workforce Development – Employment and Training
  • Workforce Development – Unemployment Insurance
  • Workforce Development – Equal Rights
  • Health Services – Medicaid Services Administration
  • Health Services – Public Health
  • Health Services – Departmentwide and Quality Assurance