Loni Meiborg profileWhy should you attend a WBA BOLT summit? Here are four great reasons: 

1. Conference High
You know that feeling. You get back from a conference and you have 26 new ideas that you want to implement tomorrow! Past attendees of the BOLT Summer Leadership Summit will attest this is a true condition of attendance. This year, you can look forward to picking up a full suite of tools to solve people-problems from Julia Johnson. If you’ve listened to Julia, senior manager at Wipfli, you know she doesn’t just present in a highly engaging way, but she sends you back with actionable next steps. In addition, your engine will rev for topics on technology, creating a lasting career impact, and leadership lessons that will leave you feeling wiser by the end and ready to implement at your bank.

2. Unbelievable People
Round table discussions and speed networking can sound intimidating. Many first-time attendees conveniently schedule a “phone call” about this time – just to avoid what they believe will be awkward interactions. Trust me when I tell you, this may be the most valuable time at BOLT. Between picking up new ideas, best practices, and meeting industry counterparts, this is a quick, no-fuss way to maximize your conference high. Many business cards are exchanged, and emails follow. Friendships are made, and your network of industry experts expands. Guaranteed, you will meet a band of people that you will look forward to catching up with at the next BOLT summit.

3. Get out of the Box
Ugh. That box! We crawl back in it too many times to mention. How many times has your desk and computer sucked the enthusiasm out of you? Changing your environment will maximize your problem-solving abilities; i.e. your creativity. And yes, it takes creativity to solve even the most analytical of problems. The change in your environment combined with the chitchat and laughter at the BOLT Summit, will refresh your thinking and send you back to the office with renewed energy.

4. Industry Edge
And finally, if you attend enough of BOLT’s impactful programming you will gain an industry edge. You will have exposure to topics that impact your daily job, leadership thought leaders that will impose knowledge on you to lead beyond your years, and opportunity to branch out and meet other emerging and established finance leaders.

Connect with me on LinkedIn before the June 11-12 BOLT Summer Leadership Summit and let me know if I’ll see you there, or join the BOLT group on LinkedIn and start your conversations before June 11!

And don’t forget to register today!

Loni Meiborg is the senior vice president of marketing at Fortifi Bank in Berlin and serves on the WBA BOLT Board of Directors.