Simple, meaningful, practical compensation data about WI’s banking industry

Actionable compensation and benefits data about the Wisconsin banking industry is an essential resource for bank human resources professionals. It’s becoming harder to attract and keep the talent your institution needs. This report gives you another tool to achieve that goal!

The 2019 Wisconsin Banking Industry Compensation & Benefits Report is the largest Wisconsin-specific report for banks containing salary and benefit information based on data from 113 participating financial institutions.

Each year, this survey provides easy-to-understand data that you can use to make informed decisions about compensation and benefits at your bank. The survey results contain detailed wage and salary information for both exempt and non-exempt employees available in a wide range of bank employee positions, as well as higher-level wage and salary data for use by your internal HR staff in developing a compensation matrix, enabling you to understand exact expenditures and what changes might be needed to be more competitive.

All this data is organized in the MRA Dynamic Online Reporting Tool, providing you with the exact information you need, when you need it. 

Please visit to learn more and to order your report. You’ll receive a PDF of all the report data as well as login credentials for the online reporting tool. Questions? Contact WBA’s Patty Rogers at 608/441-1209 or via email