Over the last few weeks, WBA became aware of a “security surcharge program” that at least one core, FIS, was attempting to impose on its core processing customers without re-negotiating the contract already in place between the bank and FIS. WBA understands that in exchange for the payment of this surcharge, the bank would then be provided with some type of indemnification (not insurance) such that if the bank were to incur damages that are covered by the indemnity, then FIS is responsible for the claim. WBA is aware of at least two Wisconsin banks that received such a notice from FIS; however, WBA is interested in knowing if other member banks are affected by this matter or have seen this practice by any of the core processing providers. Both Wisconsin banks successfully pushed back on the imposition of such a surcharge and WBA currently understands that FIS is waiving this fee potentially on a nation-wide basis for the time being. If you have any information to share regarding this matter that could be helpful as we plan our next advocacy steps to support the membership, please contact WBA’s Rose Oswald Poels via email or 608-441-1205.