Ryan Boebel profileIn today’s quickly evolving and ever-changing financial services industry, it can be challenging for banks, especially community banks, to remain focused on their priorities. Buzzwords and phrases such as “fintech,” “disruption,” “branch transformation,” and “competition” often enter conversations at conferences and seminars that we attend as we broaden our professional networks and enhance our skills as bankers. Although these often daunting, or unfamiliar, topics are certainly challenges that our industry faces, they can also spark great innovation and provide boundless opportunity in which we can leverage to better our organizations. 

Ignoring these changes, or responding slowly, could prove to be detrimental to our institutions as these issues are complex and multi-faceted; they are not going away. This is exactly why attending a BOLT summit is beneficial. These concerns and challenges are discussed by experts, and perhaps more importantly, are discussed among peers. Utilizing your time at a BOLT summit to better understand how to approach these challenges is exactly the type of interaction that is intended.

If you have never attended a BOLT summit, please consider doing so. It is there where emerging leaders of our industry can glean ideas to bring back to their organizations to improve the services that we offer our customers and provide value to the organization by addressing increased competition and complex challenges from a more global, creative, and innovative perspective. 

Take the initiative as an emerging leader of your organization to learn more about these complex topics and advocate for progression in your organization; it will not go unnoticed. 

See you at the BOLT Winter Leadership Summit on Nov. 7!

Ryan Boebel is AVP market manager and business banker at Community First Bank in Baraboo and also serves on the WBA BOLT Board of Directors.