Rebecca Jensen has been appointed to senior vice president at Royal Bank. Becky has been with the bank for 25 years, working primarily at the Mauston office. In this new role, Becky will continue to operate out of the Mauston office and will be responsible for implementing the bank's goals and initiatives at 9 of the bank's 19 office locations. 

Becky attributes her longevity at the bank to having goals that align well with the organization's vision. As a natural people-person, Becky thrives on making new connections and cultivating existing relationships. 

"Being at a community bank definitely helps me value being local," said Becky. "We're always challenging each other to find new ways to support and celebrate our small businesses, community events, and neighbors. From shopping local to supporting our Cash Mobs which highlight local businesses or sharing random acts of kindness in the community, we know that what we invest here will be circulated here to help keep our community strong and connected."

Royal Bank has greatly benefitted from Becky's willingness to take on additional responsibilities and from her dedication and commitment to making sure those additional tasks are successes. "Becky has proven to be an extraordinary asset to the Royal Bank team in her 25 years of service", said Dan Ravenscroft, President & CEO. "We are fully confident in Becky's readiness, proven experience, leadership qualities and commitment to success to help lead the bank forward." 

Becky is also a member of the bank's Advisory Boards and other committees. She was recently invited to represent the community banking industry through the Wisconsin Bankers Association's (WBA) Building Our Leaders of Tomorrow (BOLT) inaugural meetings to organize this needed group for the industry. She currently serves on the BOLT board of directors and is a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at UW-Madison.