Here's the deal, LEAD360 is coming up and if you work in the marketing, sales/customer service, retail management, or financial literacy area of your bank, you need to go. 

It feels like we're constantly talking about how much banking is changing, but what are we going to do about it? The LEAD360 Conference is the state's go-to event for banking professionals in these areas to gather and learn. This is an opportunity to build a strong network within your field and not just learn about the changes in banking, but understand how they apply to you bank and find ways to incorporate new processes into bank practices. Sessions at the conference will include speed networking, and breakouts on topics like storytelling in marketing, relationship building, and digital transformation.

We've also developed a new tool for you to use before this conference. It's hard to get out of the bank, and it's hard to get approval to go to events. We totally get it. That's why we developed the "Justification Toolkit." This toolkit includes an email template that you can use to explain to your supervisor why you should go to LEAD360 and how the bank will benefit from your attendance. Additionally, the toolkit contains a cost analysis worksheet, which you can use to determine the total cost of attending LEAD360, including variables like mileage and lodging. 

Access the toolkit and cost analysis worksheet at