Governor Tony Evers appointed Joaquin Altoro as WHEDA Executive Director-Designee effective June 3, 2019. Altoro has an extensive, 27-year banking career in both residential and commercial lending. Most recently, he served as Town Bank's vice president of commercial banking. At Town Bank, he successfully utilized federal housing tax credits to advance affordable housing options in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

Joaquin Altoro profileThroughout his career, Altoro (pictured left) has served on numerous boards and advisory committees to help rural and urban populations meet their unique economic development needs. While a board member for Forward Community Investments (FCI), he advised on the CDFI's loan fund investments in education, health, housing, and entrepreneurship to help build strong communities throughout the state. Furthermore, he served on FCI's New Markets Tax Credit committee to bring additional investment resources to the state of Wisconsin.

As a former City Plan Commissioner for the City of Milwaukee, Altoro understands Milwaukee's dynamic community and is well-acquainted with diverse neighborhoods in order to serve their socio-economic and affordable housing needs. As WHEDA's executive director, Altoro will utilize his multi-faceted community banking expertise, successful track record of establishing public-private partnerships, and unique approach on advising community development projects to advance WHEDA's mission throughout Wisconsin. "We will strive to become a leader at well informed data and research that leads us to partner and collaborate effectively," said Altoro.

In appointing Altoro to WHEDA, Governor Evers noted, "access to affordable housing is another important part of how we think about economic development in a more holistic way and connect the dots to attract new businesses and encourage existing businesses to grow. I'm proud and excited to have Mr. Altoro serve in this critical role ensuring that the state's commitment to housing remains strong and solid."

"Special emphasis is being placed on the priorities of Gov. Evers," Altoro added. Sharing many of the same goals as the governor, this will also be an extension of the work he has done during his banking career. "We plan to build the capacity of WHEDA to serve more of the needs of rural and urban communities. We will bring further innovation into our organization so that we may have a deeper impact."

The Wisconsin State Senate Committee on Utilities and Housing is holding a hearing on Aug. 13 to consider Altoro and four other individuals to fill out open position terms on the WHEDA board. Included for consideration is current WHEDA Chair Ivan Gamboa, senior vice president at Tri-City National Bank, Oak Creek.

The WHEDA next board meeting is scheduled for Aug. 21, and the upcoming WHEDA conference will take place on Sept. 25. Visit to view the full WHEDA board.