WBA’s LEAD360 Conference is coming up, and if you work in the marketing, sales/customer service, retail management, or financial literacy area of your bank, you want to go!

It feels like we’re constantly talking about how much banking is changing, but what are we going to do about it? The LEAD360 Conference is the state’s go-to event for banking professionals in these areas to gather and learn. This is an opportunity to build a strong network within your field and not just learn about the changes in banking, but to understand how they apply to your bank and find ways to incorporate new processes into bank practices. Sessions at the conference will include speed networking and breakouts on topics like storytelling in marketing, relationship building, and digital transformation.

The first keynote session featured at the conference will be presented by Garry McCann, Founder of Comhar Digital, a digital consulting firm specializing in digital sales, digital banking, and omni-channel delivery. McCann has worked in the digital banking space for more than twenty years, and his session will focus on exactly that topic. Growth through digital acquisition remains a top priority for community banks, but many have not seen a return on their investment – why? Too often, banks implement digital solutions that don’t live up to the expectations of the digital consumer. Today, the majority of customers, even millennials, say they still prefer to open bank accounts in branches because it is too confusing to do so online. The digital consumer expects more than just speed and simplicity when transacting online – they need to feel confident in their interactions with the bank via the digital channel, and this requires an element of personal touch your community bank is especially well-equipped to provide. In this session, McCann will explore the key barriers to the digital sales success and why community banks founded on relationships must account for the emotional impact of their digital sales solutions. You’ll walk away with knowledge of how to successfully achieve a return on your technology investment.

WBA has also developed a new tool for you to use before this conference. It’s hard to get out of the bank, and it’s hard to get approval to go to events, so that’s why we developed our “Justification Toolkit.” The toolkit includes an email template that you can use to explain to your supervisor why you should go to LEAD360 and how the bank will benefit from your attendance. Additionally, the toolkit contains a cost analysis worksheet, which you can use to determine the cost of attending LEAD360, including variables like travel and lodging. The toolkit may be accessed at www.wisbank.com/LEAD360. This multi-track conference will be held on Nov. 20-21 in Wisconsin Dells, so register today!

Get team pricing for your bank’s marketing and sales team!

The registration fee for your first bank attendee is $350 and includes all meals and conference sessions. Additional employees from your bank can register for $300 per attendee. Bankers from the same organization must register at the same time to receive team pricing.